I can’t do anything right!


Ever feel so overwhelmed that you have this thought? Let me tell you, I’ve been there SO many times.

Want to drop that lingo for good? I did too. And yeah, maybe it slips in once in a while, but overall I started to learn that this came up when I felt really unsupported.

But was I actually asking for any help, or taking actions to support myself? Nope!

Because I had no support, I took on everything myself and self sabotaged my way to overwhelm.

This looked like:
-Crying over silly little things (I once cried because I didn’t have time to eat lunch).
-Giving up on all my goals for weeks on end and binging on netflix
-Taking on waaaay too much. (At one point I was volunteering every week, opening a business, being a doula, helping start a doula collective, and trying to train my horse, yikes!)

How I started supporting myself:
Boundaries– I had none before!
Getting back to the basics. Was I eating? No. Was I sleeping? No. What did I expect!
Asking for help. I started delegating and going to see a Naturopathic doctor.

Start with the basics and you’ll be surprised at how helpful they are.

If you feel out of steam or like you can’t don anything right, scale back for a week. Work on super basic things like eating right, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep. Move your body gently and lovingly. These are the foundations of our health. If we try to build on a rocky foundation of course cracks will form. Keep it simple, you’ve got this!

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