What is a doula and what do they do?
A doula is a woman experienced in childbirth. She provides continuous emotional, physical, and informational support to you and your partner. As your doula I will work with you to help achieve the kind birth you desire.

I want a doula, but my partner is worried that they won’t have anything left to help with.
As your doula I help your partner support you better during labour and birth. It can be overwhelming to see your loved one going through pain, and hard to remember all the terms and comfort measures you learn in prenatal classes. I’m there to help remind them where to place a hand for counter pressure, when to take a break and eat or drink, and help explain what is going on when your medical team is busy treating you and your baby.

What’s the difference between a doula and a midwife? Aren’t they kind of the same thing?
A midwife is a licensed medical professional that will provide medical care for you and your baby during your pregnancy and labour. While your midwife may provide you some comfort measures, she will often have to complete medical charting and tasks in order to care for you properly.
A doula provides comfort measures for you and your partner during your labour. She does not provide medical care such as administering medicine or doing cervical checks.

Will my doula attend births at the hospital or my home?
I attend both hospital and home births, as long as you are under the care of a licensed medical professional. I do not attend unassisted births.

What if you aren’t able to make it to my birth?
In the rare circumstance that I am unable to make it to your birth, my back up doula will attend your birth in my stead, ensuring that you still have a doula present at your birth.