Work with me

I’ve been working with people since 2013 to help them decrease stress, pain and discomfort through massage therapy. It has truly become my life’s passion to create healing environments for others where they can focus on feeling their best. I believe that effective therapeutic massage doesn’t have to be painful, and can include feeling cared for and relaxed. My treatment room is a safe space for anyone looking to feel better regardless of what they are dealing with.

How I work
The body is a 3D structure, so why do most therapists only treat the front and back of the body? My work includes treating areas that are often neglected in typical massage treatments, such as the rib cage, pelvis, and abdomen. Assessing the bony landmarks of the skeleton allows me to see where there are deep lines of muscular pull and how those are contributing to the presenting issue, as opposed to always treating the same muscle over and over again and getting limited results.

Pregnancy Care
In 2014 I became a doula and began working with families from all walks of life to help them on their journey towards becoming parents. This helped me to see some of the challenges that people are faced with while growing a baby and a family. As a result pregnancy and postnatal massage became a huge focus of my work, and I’m proud to say I’ve treated hundreds of women through their pregnancy and postpartum. Pregnancy pain and discomfort can benefit greatly from regular massage therapy.

Wellness and Business Mentoring
Everyone has different goals when it comes to their lives and businesses. I work with women to help incorporate more wellbeing, flow, and self care in their lives. Often times we are pushing so hard and burning ourselves out, not understanding why we aren’t making progress or why we aren’t happy where we are at. I believe that in order to understand why we are feeling so stuck we have to reground ourselves and explore the limiting beliefs we hold about our potential, the life we are living, and how we treat ourselves. Once we start this conversation and begin to form a connection to our own sacred self this is where the healing starts to happen.