Sacred Womb Work

PMS. Endometriosis. PCOS. Menopause. PMDD. Pain. Infertility. Miscarriage. Trauma. Postpartum depression. Hysterectomy. Sexual assault. Stillbirth. Vulvodynia. Pregnancy. Birth. Abortion. Invasive medical procedures. Cysts. Fibroids. Painful intercourse.
If you sat down in a group of women, how many would say that they have experienced any of these things? Have you?
Our reproductive organs are an integral part of our lives, yet in modern day society we rarely talk about them. Period pain? Take an advil. Traumatic birth? At least you and your baby are healthy. Reproductive problems? Have some medication and procedures.
What if we shifted the lens?
Imagine instead, a life where you honoured your body and self in all of it’s perfect imperfectness. Where you worked with your reproductive organs and cycle instead of trying to pretend that everything is fine and push through. Where self care became a sacred part of your reproductive health. Where you could tap into the raw creative energy that resides in our womb space, and begin to have a dialogue with your body and self. Where you could step into your power, even just a little bit, and begin to let go of some of the things holding you back.
No judgement, no fix it mentality, just learning how to hold space for yourself, honouring everything that you have endured and experienced.
That is sacred womb work.

My Story
When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. My cycles were irregular, and could be extremely painful at times, causing me to take time off of school and forcing me to rest inside and lay down instead of being able to ride my beautiful horses.
As I moved into my twenties I saw this as an annoyance and took pills to deal with the symptoms, but still had painful cycles and dealt with adult acne, PMS, unexplained fatigue, anxiety and depression. I began looking into holistic options to help ‘fix’ my ‘wrong’ uterus and ovaries. Talking about starting a family was frought with the stress of trying increase my fertility through supplements, diets, acupuncture, and everything inbetween. Doctors offered me drugs but no support for what I was dealing with emotionally. No one seemed to understand the deep connection that existed between my sense of self and womanhood that was connected to the health of my reproductive organs.
I began exploring different ideas and beliefs around women’s cycles, reproductive issues, and traditions. Some of them seemed far out there, while others more practical. I sat in red tents, talked to healers, doulas, elders, and gathered any information I could get about this seemingly lost connection no one knew about. I realized that most people no longer honour the reproductive cycle, talk about it, and often view it as disgusting. When I began honouring these traditions, opening the dialogue with others, and truly caring for my womb as an integral facet of who I was, I found healing. This was lifechanging for me both spiritually and emotionally.
I want to share this work with others.

What does sacred womb work involve?
Sacred womb work is a combination of practical steps for self care, blended with spiritual and emotional work.
-Learn about ancient traditions around honouring our menstrual cycle and stages of life, and how to incorporate them into our own lives.
-Learn about the basic scientific aspects of ovulation and menstruation, and how each stage can affect our energy, feelings, and physical bodies. Explore how to integrate this into how you plan your monthly goals to live more in the flow with your cycle.
-Learn self care techniques ranging from pain management to grounding techniques
-Explore dropping into the connection with your womb space as a source of your intuition, and how to have a dialogue with your inner self
-Open the door to gentleness as you begin to explore your own healing journey
-Be welcomed into a space without a fix it mentality when it comes to your reproductive problems.

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