First you dream it, then you do it.


Coming Winter 2019!

This year long coaching program is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who want ongoing support over a longer period of time.

Perfect for start ups, new ventures, or growing a business. It’s time to take the leap, so get the support that you need.

Leap offers the opportunity to stay on track over a 12 month period. With a perfect blend of life coaching and mentoring you get the benefit of building the life of your dreams plus practical business advice. Create a system that works for you in order to have long term success.


  • What works for you and how to implement it into your business
  • Systems that help you stay focused and on track
  • How to tackle a long term goal
  • Freedom from burnout and what real self care means
  • Building sustainability for yourself in your business
  • Accountability

What you get:

  • Free no obligation discovery call with Alyssa
  • Start up goal setting call to create your year plan
  • 12 One on one coaching sessions with Alyssa 1x/month
  • 12 monthly modules consisting of worksheets, resources, tips, and business management info
  • Smart Goal Setting mini course

Is Leap for You?

I created leap for motivated individuals who were determined to achieve their dreams no matter what. You are an integral part of your own success. Leapers are willing to carve out the time, put their dreams as a priority, and work through set backs. They know what they want and are ready to go get it.

Leap isn’t another program promising six or seven figure incomes. (Though that’s totally possible!) It’s not meant for corporate giants or brand name companies. I won’t promise you that my secret is the one and only way to get to where you’re going, because it isn’t. Instead I believe wholly in your ability to achieve your dreams and that you know what’s best for you. Your unique perspective, experience, and skillset is already enough. I help you fine tune those into a well oiled machine that works for you and your business.

Limited Availability:

Spots are limited for Leap and the program runs twice a year.

I want to work one on one with you to help you succeed, so your time is important to me! This is why Leap is only open to a handful of individuals each year.


Investment: $1500 CAD

To Register:

Email alyssarosegreen@gmail.com or book a discovery call to see if leap is right for you.