Doula Care


Doula Services are Currently Unavailable!

Looking for a doula? Check out the Doula Support Foundation on Facebook, and the Kingston Doula page on Facebook for local doulas.

Birth Doula Package

I offer my basic doula package from $900. Additional options can be added to plan per request and at cost. Payment plans are available and flexible, and let me know if you have any questions about fees. The initial interview is always free.

Pre and Postnatal Visits

Three prenatal visits to discuss whatever you would like in regards to your upcoming birth; pain management, comfort measures, birth planning and options, addressing fears, planning for your postpartum time with your baby, and more. Each visit usually lasts between 1-2 hours.
One postnatal visit to help you after the birth of your baby. Talk about your birth, basic breastfeeding support, and most of all it’s a break for you. Take a nap or grab a bath or shower, or if you’re feeling luxurious schedule a massage. Each visit is usually between 1-2 hours.

Continuous Labour Support

As your doula I provide you with continuous labour support from the time that you call me to the time that your baby is born. I can join you whenever you require my support, whether you are still in early labour or farther along. I can labour with you at your home or meet you at the hospital.
I will also remain with you until you are settled after your baby is born. Usually this is about an hour or two to make sure that breastfeeding and/or bonding is well established and getting off to a good start.

Unlimited Phone and Email Support

Once I become your doula, I’m there to support you. Send me a text or email if you have a question, want some information about birth options, or anything birth related that comes to mind. I’m there to help take the stress out of your pregnancy. This support extends to two weeks after your baby is born, but can be extended if you need it.